South Orkney Islands Southern Shelf Marine Protected Area (SOISS MPA)


The South Orkney Islands Southern Shelf Marine Protected Area (SOISS MPA) was established by CCAMLR in 2009 under CM 91-03, with the objective of contributing towards the conservation of biodiversity in Subarea 48.2, and to the development of a representative system of protected areas across the Convention Area. At the time of adoption, the Commission agreed to review CM 91-03, based on advice from the Scientific Committee, at its regular meeting in 2014 and at subsequent five-year periods (CM 91-03, paragraph 9). 

Antarctic-wide geomorphology

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Pelagic bioregionalisation of the Southern Ocean, and associated data layers; Sea-ice concentration; Chlorophyll-a concentration

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Foraging distributions of Adélie and chinstrap penguins

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Distribution of albatrosses and petrels

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Locations of oceanographic fronts

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